Gibraltar - A Great Place!

Gibraltar also known as the rock of Gibraltar is one of the most amazing places in Western Europe. Gibraltar weather is temperate with no snow or frost. In summers, due to heat waves coming from North Africa, makes the climate pretty torrid and dry. The vegetation of this area is mostly ferns, moss and lichens which can be found at higher altitudes.

Gibraltar Weather:

Talking about Europe the only animals living are the Barbary Macaques which occupy the whole place with a population of 250. Many debates are going on about the extinction of these Macaques. 

Gibraltar weather is Mediterranean throughout the region consisting of pleasant winters and warm dried out summers. From May to September weather can get very hot and humid. There is no rain season but most of the rain falls in winters when the temperature is 15 degrees. January is the coldest of all but temperature in the day varies from 16 to 18 degrees.

Two Most Known Winds:

Gibraltar has an average of 300 days sunshine which makes it the driest and the sunnier in the whole of the UK. There are two main prevailing winds in Gibraltar, one known as the Levante which comes from Saharian Africa and brings humid weather and warmer sea currents. The other one is Poniente which brings fresher air and cold breeze. The average minimum and maximum temperatures in the summers are 13 to 30 degree respectively.

Warmth and Humidity:

In summers the wind from the East brings warmth and humidity creating a sheet of cloud which spreads over the city area. Summers bring an average of eleven hours of sunshine and the warmer sea currents add the hotness.

Safe and beautiful Place:

The destination of Gibraltar is very safe with a very low crime rate and British style force. It is a perfect travel destination for all. It is a very attractive and an interesting destination.

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